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Monday, 12 March 2018 15:57


Queen City Companion is the all false storytelling show that has had the High Plains laughing, crying and panting (a dog showed up once) for the last six months.

Brian Flynn, takes over the reigns this month for Christie Buchele, and hosts the following batch of fun lovers the first day of March.

Meghan DePonceau

Brad Galli

Gabby Reed

Stephanie Zayatz

Katie Kothenbeutel

Lauren Dufault

Mitch Jones

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Monday, 22 January 2018 14:57

Queen City Companion, Ep. 3

Queen City Companion is that all false storytelling show everyone is talking about. Host Christie Buchele brings a group of Denver creatives together to make up a batch of stories that might make you wonder if the story is made up at all.

She was joined live at Mutiny Info Cafe with

Alan Goode
Jovan Mays
Mike Hawkburns
Timmi Lasley
Stephanie McHugh
and Jay Gillespie

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