Thursday, 25 April 2019 17:31

I'm Not Racist - How Did My Story Get That Way?

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After years of creating her fantasy graphic novel series, LeyLinesRobin Childs decided to abruptly end it. Why?

" never occurred to me to write a fantasy world without slavery and patriarchy as the status quo."

She realized that, without recognizing it, she'd created a fantasy world that reinforced themes of racism and sexism, and she was horrified to discover it.

Robin and I discussed how she came to discover these themes in her work, and more importantly, what in society can cause us as artists to pass on messages that we don't intend to.

This was a great conversation, in spite of the pinball machines being played in the background! :)

Remember to check out Robin's new comic, Wavemen, which she makes with her husband Cory, and support it if you can!

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